8C (V15)

  • In the Depths of Solitude, South Africa (First Ascent)
  • The Nest, Red Rocks (Third Ascent)
  • White Noise, Wild Basin RMNP (Fourth Ascent)
  • The Ice Knife, Guanella Pass (Third Ascent)
  • The New Chapter, Arkansas (First Ascent)
  • Paint it Black, Rocky Mountain National Park (Second Ascent)
  • Meadowlark Lemon, Red Rocks (First Ascent)
  • Angama, Fontainebleau (Second Ascent)
  • The Story of Two Worlds, Cresciano (Second Ascent)
  • Trip Hop, Fontainebleau
  • From Dirt Grows the Flower Left, Chironico
  • Ill Trill, Magic Wood (First Ascent)
  • Monkey Wedding, Rocklands (Second Ascent)
  • Lucid Dreaming, Buttermilks (First Ascent)
  • Terremer, Hueco Tanks (Second Ascent)



  • Neon Desert, Hueco Tanks (Fifth Ascent)
  • Aggravated Assault, Griffin Falls (Third Ascent)
  • Komodo, Wyoming (Fourth Ascent)
  • Bossin Up, Secret Garden (First Ascent)
  • Strangers From Within, Secret Garden (First Ascent)
  • The Gallows, Hueco Tanks (First Ascent)
  • Marakame, Peñoles (Third Ascent)
  • Al Lado Activo Del Infinito, Peñoles (Fourth Ascent)
  • Trieste, Red Rocks  (First Ascent)
  • The Purge, Elkland (Second Ascent)
  • The Grey, Wild Basin RMNP
  • Warrior Up, Lincoln Lake
  • We Can Build You, Lincoln Lake
  • Warpath, Castle Rock (Fourth Ascent)
  • The Insurgency, Joe’s Valley (Second Ascent)
  • Loved by Few Hated by Many sit start, Horseshoe Canyon Ranch (Third Ascent)
  • Blood of a Young Wolf, Hueco Tanks (Fourth Ascent)
  • American Gangster, Zillertal (Third Ascent)
  • King of Limbs, Rocklands (Second Ascent)
  • The Traphouse, Fontainebleau (First Ascent)
  • Paranormal Activity, Topside (First Ascent)
  • A Simple Knowing, Topside (First Ascent)
  • Mirta, Topside  (First Ascent)
  • La Force du Destin, Fontainebleau (Second Ascent)
  • Ninja Skills, Sobrio (Second Ascent)
  • Big Paw, Chironico (Fourth Ascent)
  • Le Lent Silence du Moleskine Traverse, Fionnay (Second Ascent)
  • Lost in the Hood, Arkansas (Second Ascent)
  • Black Eagle, Rocklands (FA after Break)
  • Sky, Rocklands (Second Ascent)
  • Jade, RMNP (Third Ascent)
  • Mandala Direct Assis, Buttermilks (First Ascent)

8B (V13)

  • Nagual, Hueco Tanks (Flash)


9a+ (5.15A)

  • Jaws II, Rumney (Fifth Ascent)

9a (5.14D)

  • Psychedelic, Gorilla Cliffs (Second Ascent)
  • The Fly, Rumney

8c (5.14B)

  • Prime Time to Shine, Clear Creek Canyon (Fourth Ascent)
  • Breakin’ the Law, Black and Tan Wall (Fourth Ascent)




  • 2nd Place at Hueco Rock Rodeo, Hueco Tanks, TX


  • 4th Place at Hueco Rock Rodeo, Hueco Tanks, TX
  • 5th Place at ABS Nationals in Colorado Springs, CO


  • 1st Place at Urban Climb Boulder Festival in Brisbane, Australia
  • 1st Place overall and 1st Place team at Sender One Invitational Climbing Competition in Orange County, CA
  • 6th Place at IFSC Bouldering World Cup in Vail, CO
  • 3rd Place at Portland Boulder Rally, Portand OR
  • 7th Place at ABS Nationals in Colorado Springs, CO
  • 1st Place at Hueco Rock Rodeo, Hueco Tanks, TX


  • 1st Place at The Climb- Open Boulder Festival in Madrid, Spain
  • 3rd Place at Dominion River Rock Festival in Richmond, VA


  • 2nd Place at Dominion River Rock Festival

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