My Favorites

My favorite products made by my sponsors:

prAnaSutra Pant

Evolv – Nexxo

Clif BarShot Bloks and Clif Crunch

Asana– Super Hero PRism Pad

Petzl- Ultra Headlamp

Joshua Tree- Lip Balm

Friction Labs Chalk- Bam Bam Chalk

Send Climbing- Downgrader Mini Knee Pad

Justin’s Nut Butter- Vanilla Almond Butter


My 5 favorite boulder problems:

– Spectre v13,  Pollen Grains, California

– Gecko Assis v13/14, Fontainebleau, France

– Meadowlark Lemon v15, Red Rocks, Nevada (fa)

– Ammagamma v13, Grampians, Australia

– Total Eclipse v12,  Fontainebleau, France

My 5 favorite climbing areas:

– Fontainebleau, France

– Ticino, Switzerland

– Joe’s valley, Utah

– Bishop, California

– Grampians, Australia

5 things I always take with me when I go climbing:

– Climbing shoes (Evolv Nexxo’s)

– Asana Chalkbag with Friction Labs Chalk

– Asana Hero Crashpad

– A bore’s head brush

– Send Knee Pad

My 5 favorite places to vacation:

– France

– South Africa

– Hawaii

– Indonesia

– Austria

My 5 favorite foods:

– Pizza

– Sushi

– Indian food

– Thai food

– Breakfast Burritos

5 Greatest Fears:

– Snakes

– Injuring myself

– Running out of time on a project while on a trip

– Losing a friend or family member

– Never being able to climb again for some unforeseen reason

5 Goals:

– To visit and climb on every continent

– To be more charitable and donate as much time as I can in the future

– To continue to find and establish new boulders at the peak of my ability

– To stay healthy and eat healthier

– To push the sport of bouldering to new frontiers

5 Places I Want to Visit (for vacation or climbing) that I have not been:

– Japan because I only got to go there for 4 days and the culture/ climbing looks awesome

– New Zealand for climbing and adventure

– The democratic republic of Congo for pure adventure and to see the gorillas

– Namibia for its pure desolate nature. To feel completely separated from the rest of the world for a moment

– Zimbabwe/Mozambique for trying to find new climbing areas/surf spots and adventure.

5 things I love to do when I am not climbing:

– Surf

– Travel and see the world apart from just climbing destinations

– Watch movies and relax

– Skateboard/Snowboard

– Take photos

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