Growing up in New Jersey, it became quite apparent that becoming a professional rock climber was going to be quite difficult for Paul. However, he never gave up on his aspirations and with the help of family and friends he has gotten to the place where he is today. Paul began rock climbing at a small climbing gym in Southern New Jersey called Vertical Reality. In the beginning, Paul was merely the scrawny little boy who came into the gym with his father on a daily basis having the time of his life climbing on plastic holds on a twenty foot top rope wall. As time went on, he began competing in indoor rope climbing competitions. Paul did this circuit for about three years and never felt truly successful. Feeling discouraged, he moved on from rope climbing to the newest form of indoor climbing at the time and what would soon become the most popular, bouldering.

As he began growing up, Paul finally felt as if he had found his place in the climbing world and that was through bouldering. He began to travel the world in search of all the most amazing climbs to be done as well as competing in national and international competitions. As senior year of high school came and went it was only obvious that the next step was college and where other than the climbing capital of the country, Boulder, Colorado.

Since then, Paul has graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a Bachelors in Studio Arts and Art History. He has continued to travel the world in search of the best untouched rock and is currently stationed back in Boulder, Colorado. When Paul is not climbing , you will find him surfing (if there is even a hint of a wave anywhere, he finds it and surfs it), skateboarding, or working on his newest video project.

Fun Fact: Paul has climbed more than 550 boulders 8A and up

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