#3: Burj Khalifa, Three Corners South Africa V9 (7C) (July 2015)

I spent the majority of my 2014 South Africa season climbing only within a stones throw of the car.  It was pretty incredible to have an area all to myself with hundreds of problems to attempt to open each day.  At the end of my trip, A local friend of mine told me about some possible potential in a close by valley.  I hiked up and came across another zone that blew me away.  I left South Africa that season and knew I would return the next year to develop this new zone.  I thought about this area almost every single day and finally the end of May came around an I made my way back to this magical valley.

I spent the majority of my days cleaning new blocs and climbing on them when the temps were good.  When I first set my eyes on this dark grey wall at the back of the canyon, I was transfixed.  I could not believe how perfect and pure this line was.  From the ground, I could not tell if the line was possible or not.  After rapping in, I was amazed to see that the line was not only possible but just enough holds to make it to the top.  I played out my pads and began trying.  the first move revolved around a pull on and jump from a really bad side pull to a sloppy edge high up on the wall.  the hold was at full extension for myself and the move deemed to be quite low percentage.

I eventually made the move and encountered the crux sequence which revolved around a crazy high step and a mantle on a near vertical wall to a small crimp high on the face.  I gave a couple of mediocre attempts but was scared but the potential big fall from this move.  Eventually, I got the courage and went for the lock off/mantle with all of my might.  I barely made it to the crimp and just grabbed it with my left hand.  From there I stood at about the 4 meter level and eyed the last few crimps to the top.  This terrain ended up being not that difficult and in no time I was on the top of a new 5 star line deep in the heart of the Cederberg Mountain range!

Picture: The crux mantle to the small crimper. (Video coming soon)



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