#4: A Long Way Gone, V6 Zimbabwe (July 2015)

Since 2011, I had always dreamed of checking out this new area in the mountains of Eastern Zimbabwe.  A friend of mine discovered the area and after showing me pictures, I knew one day I would have to see it for myself.  In 2015, I finally got the chance and made the long enduring trek from South Africa, over the border, and into “real” Africa.

It took us 2 days of travel to reach our final destination.  We arrived at night not knowing what to expect the next morning.  When we woke up, there was no rock in sight.  My friend Dan assured me that on the top of the mountain was where all the rock lay.  We began the trek and a trek it was!  It took about 1 hour and 30 minutes to finally get to the first set of boulders.  As soon as I could see the first set of boulders, I began to walk faster and faster.  As far as I could see, there were boulders on every hillside; it felt like paradise.

On our first day of exploring I made my way through this large valley and all of a sudden saw this large boulder sticking out of the sand but itself.  I ran over to it and looked up at a twenty foot tall right facing rail up a slightly overhung wall.

At the time, I only had two small pads with me but decided to venture up the wall anyway.  I made it about half way up a few times and jumped of because I was not certain of where to go at the top.  I finally decided to give it an actual effort.  I set up m go pro on a rock (which eventually tumbled over) and made the first ascent of this incredible piece of rock in the middle of the African Continent.

Not many people have ventured outside of South Africa to find new rock and this experience is one I will never forget.  I cannot wait to get back there again next Summer and continue to explore the area more as the potential seems limitless!

Here is video of the send 🙂


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