idaho mountain festival

First and foremost I would like to give a huge thanks to Ben Eaton for putting on such an amazing event as well as all the sponsors that made it possible!

I had never been to Castle Rock/City of Rocks before so it was really fun making the trek from Salt Lake City into the desolate mountain landscape of Southern Idaho.


On my first day there, the weather was quite poor so we had a bit if a later start.  I taught a clinic in the morning with the Beau Stuart and the rest of the Asana crew.  It was cold, the rock was damp, but people were psyched!


After my clinic, i began to get really excited about going up to the taco cave to begin trying warpath.  I ate a quick lunch and a crew of us headed up to the cave.  Fortunately the weather had gotten a lot better and the cold, dry conditions had rolled in!


I began working the line from the top down, as I tend to do with most boulders these days.  I figured out the sequences but knew it was going to be quite hard to link the entire boulder.  By the end of my first day, I had made some really good links and was feeling hopeful for the next day.


The next day was beautiful!  I again taught a morning clinic, ate some lunch, and made my way up to the taco cave with a few friends.  Beau was taking video as i took my initial attempts of the day.  I kept falling on the same move from the bottom which was getting so frustrating!


(the move where I kept falling, getting to this left hand)

Fortunately on my fourth attempt, I stuck this move.  I was pumped but kept on climbing and soon enough was on the head wall!  I kept it together through the sketchy slab at the end and topped it out!

It felt awesome to complete a line I had dreamed about climbing for so long! The rock in the taco cave is incredible and the climbing is out of this world perfect!  I recommend this boulder to anyone who loves hard roofs!

On our final day, we headed to the green wall.  I was just too tired to climb.  I did a nice v9 on the right hand side but my skin and energy were at an all time low.  It was cool to watch Beau huck himself at the dyno on “golden chandelier” which he sent after i left for the airport!


I am now back in Boulder, happy to be home and in need of a rest day!  It was awesome to meet so many amazing people in Idaho and make some new friends along the way.  There is only one more week to climb at Lincoln Lake and I have projects to do!  So, that is where you will find me basically every day this week!  Wish me luck, time is ticking!

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