making the move

It is now the beginning of April and somehow I have already visited 31 states.  Traveling has been amazing but to say that I now have a home base is a great thing!  It has been over 3 years since I have had a place to live for more than one or two months at a time.

I am now back in Boulder and have signed a one year lease!  It feels good to be back here.  I love the mountains and am super to be back around good friends and lots of great rock!  It also feels great to be not living out of a suitcase and have a place to come home to that is actually mine!

My plan for the next 2 months is to climb locally, besides a few trips, and train for the upcoming world cup in Vail in June.  From there I will be heading to the Sender One grand opening and after that onward to Australia for the Summer!  This will be my first trip to Oz and I can’t wait to get down there!  As it begins to heat up in the northern hemisphere, I can only think of the amazing conditions to be had in Australia this June and July!

More to come soon! 

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