I am always trying to be creative.  While in university, I had a full time residence and was able to paint and create art to my heart’s content.  Since graduating, I have been constantly on the road.  This constant flux has made it hard to truly create any art besides on my computer or with my camera. 

While in Red Rocks, NV last year, I was inspired bu the incredible contrasting colors of the canyons and the bright blue skies above.  Red Rocks continues to be one of my favorite destinations not only for the climbing but for its pure beauty.  I drafted up some designs on the computer to display its beauty to others around the world who may not have had the opportunity to witness Red Rocks before.  I decided to make the design fit into the confines of a t-shirt and sent it over to the people over at prAna. They liked the idea and made it into a shirt for the new Spring 2013 line!!!

Waking up this morning and seeing my design in the new prAna online catalog was a really cool feeling.  I love that creation process and not having my paint brushes, etc with me all the time has gotten me down but making art digitally is still a super fun process and I can’t wait to make more.  I hope you all enjoy my representation of Red Rocks!

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