an update of sorts

I remember one year ago, I landed in Zurich to blue skies.  It was a great sight and fortunately for the next 4 weeks it stayed that way.  Blue skies and 8c every single day.  I could not believe it. 

Lets just say that this year has been a little bit different.  I have been in Europe for one month now and the weather has been pretty terrible in Austria.  Fortunately, having a gym close by has been amazing, however, I did not expect to spend the majority of my fall climbing in Tivoli…  I have been fortunate enough to have some good days along the way but the constant battle with rain, snow, humidity, and wet rock has been a bit demoralizing, to say the least.

I fortunately was able to send American Gangster a little over a week ago which was awesome.  the conditions were finally good and it felt great to climb it flawlessly.  Since that day, there has not been a single day of great conditions.  My skin seems to be falling off in layers as i squeeze as hard as i can to try to stay on the rock in these horrible conditions!!!

Despite all of this, the psyche remains very high!  I may be going through lots of chalk trying to dry holds but there is still nothing in life that I love more than climbing.  I Have another 2.5 weeks in Innsbruck before heading to Italy.  I really hope to be able to get some better conditions in the weeks to come!!! 

This forecast is not too favorable though:

well, seems like some more training in the days to come.  Psyched for the American Desert this winter.  Sun all the time and perfect dry conditions!  Just gotta do a few more things here first 🙂

More soon.  hopefully some good news when the snow stops 🙂

climbing on wet rock in Murgtal, CH. The Shield 2.0 Sit 8A+

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