today was an awesome day!  I woke up early and drove to meet my friend fabi at the gas station on the way to Silvretta. We drove the rest of the way in his car and arrived a bit before noon.  After a short warm up and a sandwich i felt ready to try Anam Cara.  i began by working the moves and soon felt psyched to begin trying from the start.  I made a few poor attempts but then eventually got through the bottom and surprised myself by sticking the crux move perfectly.  I climbed the boulder to the top and felt psyched to be standing on top of such a cool climb in such a beautiful place!  Fabi got super close and i am sure will finish it his next trip up.

After Anam Cara, we headed up to this cool 8B called skiroute project.  I got the beta from my friend martin and came AGONIZINGLY close to flashing! Hate when that happens.  i missed the good part of this edge and unfortunately was unable to hold a tough swing.  I did the top out which was terrifying  and then finished the line a few tries later!  the sun was beginning to set and it was getting cold so we packed up the car and headed home.  now back in Tulfes with a great dinner in me, I am psyched for a movie in bed and a relaxing evening.  rain tomorrow so training at tivoli.  love it here! psyched to be in AUSTRIA!!!!

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