life down south

the past couple of weeks have been really exciting here in South Africa.  After a few weeks of climbing down here, I was getting a little bit bummed about the amount of new rock we had found.  I was fortunate enough to have put up some really nice boulders, however didn’t think that i would find that many more and had no idea how i was going to spend another 2 months down here. 

Fortunately this all changed about a week or so ago.  After some hiking around the areas of the Cape, the crew was able to find not only new boulders but new zones as well!!  It is insane how much success a little bit of hiking can do ya!  We also got word of a new zone in the southern cederbergs that is absolutely INSANE!  I cannot even explain how much rock we came across in only a few days of exploring.  we will definitely be heading back there soon!  Carlo managed to make the FA of this amazing new roof climb, “ground swell,” 8B that i hope to send tomorrow!  the psyche is high and the good weather seems to be back!  stay tuned for more!

here are some more recent pics!

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