it has been a little while since my last update and well the past few weeks have been quite exciting!  in the beginning of June, i left for Europe from the Washington DC.  I landed in Spain, hung out with some great friends in Madrid for  a few days and then carried on to one of my favorite places in the world, Cape Town, South Africa.

Upon arrival, we had a few unfortunate days of rain but since then the weather has cleared up a great deal and the climbing and surfing has been incredible.  Joining me this trip, are my girlfriend alex as well as friends, carlo traversi, griffin whiteside, and mary mecklenberg.  We have been exploring a ton and finding so many new areas and boulders all over the place!  The climbing here in South Africa is like a dream come true.  With every step we all seem to take further into the unknown more and more rock is popping up in every direction and the list of projects for everyone continues to grow!  I have been fortunate enough to put up a couple of really cool new lines and am beyond psyched for the insane amount of new projects we have stumbled across while hiking around!  Here are some pictures of a few of the new lines and some others thrown in the mix!

With a cold spell that recently came in, we decided to make a short jaunt up to rocklands for a 2 day trip.  We made it there around 1 pm on Sunday and quickly made our way to roadside.  I was unsure as to what to try but was psyched to get everyone on some of the classics in the area.  After a while, I got psyched on climbing myself and remembered a really nice line that i had found 2 years ago and that Mickey Paige climbed last year and called, The King of Limbs and had given the grade of 8B+/C.

I hiked up the hill with alex as the others were still keen on the climbs lower climbs.  When I got tot he boulder, i quickly remembered how amazing the line was and went to work figuring out the moves.  by the end of the afternoon, I was giving it some good links but it got too dark in the cave to continue on.

The next day we went over to Sky so that griffin and carlo could give it some attempts.  I felt pretty fatigued in the morning after camping and not sleeping so well the night before.  I was unsure if i was going to climb but as the morning turned to the afternoon, I began entertaining the idea of again trying King of Limbs.  We drove up the pass and hiked up the hill to the boulder.  Despite being fatigued from the day before, I began by climbing on the top and felt decently well.  Soon after, I began making even better links on the bottom crux bit and knew i should begin trying it from the bottom!  With only 30 minutes left before we had to leave back for Cape Town (a 3.5 hour drive) I knew that I had to get it done then!  After falling off the beginning of the climb a few times, I finally made it through the bottom and was able to climb the whole boulder to the top!!!  It felt good to finish the line off and in such a quick manner as well. 

Now that we are back in cape town, it looks like the perfect day for a rest day and one filled with surfing!!!  We have all been really getting into the surfing while down here… Kelly Slater watch out, carlo is coming for ya!

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