a rhythm

I have now been in Colorado for a little over 2 weeks and finally feel like i am in somewhat of a rhythm with my climbing.  The past couple of days I have been waking up, warming up at the gym, and heading out to the bear lake road circuit.

It took me a little while to really feel accustomed to the altitude and the daily life here in Colorado but now I feel psyched and not as stressed as i was when i arrived.  i feel much more relaxed and very psyched on my daily routine from a nice warm up in the gym, to the drive up to the park, to talking to the people doing the construction on bear lake road, to climbing on the amazing new lines the circuit has to offer.

The past two days (tues and weds) have offered incredible conditions and fortunately i was able to capatalize on both of those days.  On tuesday, I managed to send mirror reality 8b+ after days of epics on the crux dyno move.  I also got realllly close to sending paint it black 8c as well but unfortunately did not have enough pads to fully go for it on the top.

I came back today, psyched as ever for another shot on the incredible boulder.  I managed to make the 2nd ascent of the boulder in a few tries this afternoon and could not believe it as i stood on top of the boulder with little bits of rain falling.  I had climbed one of the best boulders in the country and i was super psyched to have spent two amazing days in the park climbing on amazing rock in pristine wilderness. 

After climbing paint it black, I headed over to hypnotized minds and began working out the moves.  the boulder feels really hard and i am psyched to continue working on it in the upcoming days!  tomorrow is a must needed rest day but the psyche is high for Friday!!

All photos- Alex Kahn

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