the recent

well the past two weeks have been exciting and quite stressful to say the least. but in hindsight everything seems to be on the up and up and i am psyched to continue with my european climbing trip!

I returned from Las Vegas about 2.5 weeks ago now after driving 2500 miles across the country to a LOT of welcome to the hood editing work.  I pretty much did not stop from the second i woke up to the second i went to bed except for some bouldering sessions at earth treks in maryland. the video is now nearly complete and I am psyched for the masses to see it on the 2nd of april!!!  the video is going to be about 40 minutes long and will be action packed with some amazing music, so stay tuned for that!

I flew to Portugal on the 15th and through the jetlag and exhaustion i managed to check out a cool new area near lisbon called “sintra.”  the climbing in and around sintra is pretty cool.  the boulders are big and there seems to be a lot of potential.  the one down fall is that the rock is extremely sharp and tough to really want to give it 100 percent when ripping off a hold can mean not climbing for a week because of huge holes in you hands/fingers!

after about a week climbing in sintra i got really psyched for the idea of heading to albarracin to check out the bouldering there.  after about a 9 hour drive we found ourselves in a valley resembling that of joe’s valley in utah!  i was psyched! yesterday was our first day of climbing and i managed to climb two amazing lines, one of which being the sit to esperanza (8b) which i came agonizingly close to flashing and merely had a foot slip on the final move!!!  i managed to do it a few tries later.

i am sore today but extremely psyched to check out a new sector of albarracin today, los techos!! 

the movie is exporting and I am relieved to have it nearly complete!  I am psyched to be in Albarracin and psyched for the road ahead! 

In other news I am now officially part of team clif bar!  They make an amazing product and I cannot be happier to be a part of the team and represent there brand!  check out my profile on their site if you get a chance: Clif Bar

here are some pics/screen shots from my time in spain and portugal!

my newest fa on the beach, el caballo negro, 8a+

incha, 8b so close. psyched to try this one again!

esperanza sit, 8b

the hike to el caballo negro… cant complain about the view!

amazing flowers in sintra

mitu project, so cool!

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