the past week has been a bit painful for me.  I finally got over the 2 week cold that i had and started to feel like i could again climb well.  I had 2 good days where i managed to come agonizingly close to sending both anam cara in silvretta and blinded by the light in brione.  both of which would have been 1 day ascents however i was unable to pull through and make the send on either.  then the day after getting close to blinded by the light, i woke up with a terrible headache.  i thought maybe i was just dehydrated, but no… i have some fever now which is keeping me here in bed in ticino in bed.  SUCKS!!!!  being out in the freezing cold every single day is really taking a toll on me.  i am all psyched to climb and get some boulders done before heading to font in a couple of days but am struggling to get out of bed. 

I am keep my hopes high that i will soon get better.  the crew has left back for austria for a few days and i am holding down the fort here in ticino.  i am going to just relax, stay out of the cold and try to get myself better for tuesday when they will return. 

movie recommendations would be great as m not doing much at all besides laying in bed!

here are a few stills from the newest movie project!  right now the whole idea is very much in the making but it is going to be pretty rad when it all comes together.  we will be filming for the next 5 months around the world and creating a feature length film of the whole ordeal!

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