swiss update

i have been in switzerland for a little over a week now and the weather has been perfect.  I arrived feeing quite jet-lagged as i had been in europe only 13 days prior and pretty much had no idea what time it was for a couple of days.  However, I felt good on the rocks and was psyched to make a quick 2 day ascent of “somewhere in between” in magic wood.  the line was put up many years ago and had only seen a few ascents.  Daniel and I both sent the line and we both felt that it was more on the low end 8b+ side of things rather than 8b as it had originally been graded.

After a bit of rest I was psyched again for a day at Chironico and an attempt at “delusions of grandeur.”  i gave it a flash go and felt close however part way through the climb my fingers went numb and i could not feel the holds i was grabbing anymore.  after working the moves a little bit, i tried the top out and got very freaked out and would not commit.  so, to help my commitment issue, i decided to just go fro the bottom knowing that i would not let go if i got to the scary technical top out from the bottom.  fortunately, i succeeded.  it was a bit epic and i had to use my hip to get up the epic slab at the top.

The past few days have been spent waiting for my main project in brione to dry out.  I managed to stick one of the 2 crux moves yesterday which was a huge success for me!  one more left and i should be able to do the boulder!! ahhh it is such a rad line and i am really psyched to get back on it again soon.

On another note, I deleted my account and now have all of my updates going to for those that are interested in what i am up to…  the site is awesome and i think it will be a great step forward in terms of cataloging and creating free online guide books for areas.  check it out if you have not seen it before!

time for dinner and a movie!  feels amazing to be back in europe again!

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