fata morgana/assis/angama chipped

i just received word from a friend in Fontainebleau that a very important hold that is on all of the above mentioned climbs has been chipped!  This is some of the worst climbing news that I have heard in a long time.  This was one of my favorite climbs i had ever done and it such a tragedy knowing that it will never be the same.

here is a picture of the chipped hold. Here

you can see at the top of the hold there is a darker spot where it has been chipped.  this will not only make the hand hold more positive but also the crux of the climb (move to the small pocket out right) much easier because the foot will be so much easier to pull in on.

I can only hope that no more lines in bleau will get chipped in the future.  It is a magical place and hope that everyone will be able to climb on the same exact climbs as when it was first done by the first ascentionist.

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