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Cathulhu, 8A+, FA (Topside, Echo Valley)

The past week has been a ton of fun!  After destroying my skin I took two rest days and surfed one of them!  The surfing here is on par with the climbing and it is amazing to be in a place that has so much to offer.  Lately I have been focusing on two projects that I would really like to complete before the end of my trip.  Both of which are extremely hard and near polar opposites.  One reminds me of a combination of the island and big paw and the other is a super crimpy upwards trending traverse on an amazing bulging wall with abnormal body positions!  I hope to be able to finish them off before leaving back to the states this Sunday night.

This trip has been a huge eye opener for me.  Southern Africa really is the next great frontier for bouldering.  I already have some far off ideas for next year that include climbing in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Botswana, and more South Africa!  I have caught the exploration bug and i am so excited to see where it is going to take me next!  We all have to find our niche in climbing and i feel right at home in nature exploring and climbing on amazing boulders! 

Wish me luck with these last couple of days I have here!

The Steady Plums, 8B, FA (Topside, Saint James Park)

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