I have a little bit less than 2 weeks left in South Africa for this trip. time has just flown by! It has been an amazing experience and i cant believe how incredible and overlooked the climbing here in the western cape actually is! I am already hoping to make another trip back here soon as there are hundreds and hundreds of projects that i am going to have to leave behind!! There are three lines that I have been working recently that I would really be psyched to do before heading back to the states! The first is the orange stain project which has this super crazy pinch move that i posted a picture of about a week ago and has been dubbed “orange concentrate.” Another is the Paranormal Activities project, which is the one that I am most psyched about. It is an upward rising traverse that I feel is like a harder version of “Dreamtime” Cresciano. And the last is the right arete ont he magik bloc! This thing consists of two insanely hard moves in a row and is where I am headed today! With any luck, I can get this thing done!!! The weather has not been cooperating so much as the wind recently has been blowing from the SE… which means a wettt wind. sucks! makes your clothing feel wet just standing outside. I hope that the wind will change direction soon enough and I can get to work on finishing these last three boulders!!

a photo of me on the paranormal activities project!

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