dominion river rock comp

This past weekend I competed in the dominion river rock comp.  It was a crazy new wall that was quite fun to climb on.  I thought that it was going to be a bouldering competition, however when i arrived, i soon noticed that our boulders were more of routes and consisted of more than 25 moves out a near horizontal cave!  the first two days of the competition were a learning experience for me and by the last day i had a good plan worked out for the final climb!  I planned out my resting positions and where i was going to chalk and made sure to breathe a lot through all of the sections of the climb.  I was fortunate enough to get to the crux section not that pumped and fired the climb to the top!  I was the first to do this.  later on in the comp, Zach Lerner also did the final climb and since he beat me on a previous day he won the comp and i got second.  It was fun to do a comp after not having done one in a while!

Now i am back in Maryland and training hard for my trip to Africa coming soon!  I cant wait for all the projects awaiting!!  The Schengen Files is also coming along and we are getting ready for a July 12th release on!!

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