sometimes you just need a vacation

The past year has flown by.  I have racked up quite a few air miles and seen a whole new part of the world that i had never seen before.  This was all amazing however after 10 months of living out of a suit case it felt amazing to take a little bit of a vacation.  I had not seen many of my friends from Colorado in a long time and I decided to book a short trip out there to climb a bit and enjoy some good times with old friends.

I made my way to Boulder and met up with Carlo and Jon who were psyched.  We made a bunch of plans for the week and a half I would be there.  Unfortunately many of the boulders in the park that i wanted to climb on had crap conditions and were wet a majority of the time.  So instead we spent a lot of time enjoying life, finding new boulders, climbing in the gym, and having an all around great time!  I had an awesome time and am pretty pleased with how Jon’s “Vacation” video turned out.  Enjoy!

I cant wait to get back soon!!

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