update again+SF

I came back to the states at the end of march and began training in the gym on the east coast for a few days.  In the beginning, I felt like crap.  I had the hardest time in the gym as I had only been climbing outside for the last 10 months.  My endurance was crap and after about 30 mintues i was completely wrecked.  After about a week and a half i began to feel like i was back to myself again which was a nice change!

This past week, I flew out to Vegas to give one of my projects in Red Rock a few tries before the heat wave sets in.  After traveling all over the world, I was unsure as to how it would stack up against amazing five star lines that i had recently seen.  However, I was pleasantly stunned.  The line is as good, if not better than many of the most amazing lines i had seen during my travels.  This line when completed will be one of the best in America.  I am psyched to say i have finished all of the moves and feel that links are starting to come together.  I made the FA of this cool line the other day but besides that have been climbing lots of fun lines in the sun and putting all of my attention towards the project.

It is getting super hot here, so it is time for me to leave Vegas and head to Colorado for a bit.  The new project in the park looks amazing and I am psyched to try it!

After my trip to CO I am going to again hit the gym in Maryland for a few weeks before a big competition in Richmond, VA in the middle of May! 

And a Schengen Files update!  I am compiling all of the footage from the Europe trip!  This video is going to be rad!  I am super psyched to begin creating this film!  Stay tuned for a teaser soon.

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