the update

It has been a while but the recent few weeks have been a bit of a blur.  I moved back to Switzerland, tried the story, and found some projects.  That was a few weeks ago and then on 8 March, I made the second ascent of Dave Graham’s “The Story of Two Worlds.”  The send itself was a little less euphoric than i would have expected.  A few days prior to the send, I dabbed a tree on the final 6b move of the climb.  It was completely unexpected and hard to deal with.  It took so long and so much hard work to get where i had that it just was heart breaking to deal with such a crappy incidence when coming so close to something that close to my peak ability.

Fortunately, I was able to make a legitimate send a few days later which was a HUGE relief but just did not give me the satisfaction i really thought it would.  def had something to do with coming so close and having to come back to pretty much climb it again.

The next few days, I spent trying project around Ticino and got quite close to the one in Brione that i had put up pictures of earlier on the blog.  Then the weather set in and so did my sickness.  Rain started to fall and i got superrr sick for a few days.  I laid around in bed for a good 22 hours one day and just tried super hard to no throw up.

Since the weather did not seem to be shaping up at all, I headed to font and have been here ever since, mainly trying to get over my sickness.  I feel much better and look forward to trying some hard things before heading back to America on 25 March!

It has been 9 months now since i left on my trip and it is crazy to think i am going home now!  But the psyche is high!  I have tons of trips planned and so much more rock to climb!

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