The last week

The hot and humid weather seems to have dropped on Font over the past week and climbing has been a bit minimal. I was fortunate enough to catch one great day where I managed to climb bleu sacre and trip hop, two climbs I had set my eyes on the previous weeks. Yesterday, before the rain came, there was a brief 3 hour window of good conditions! I made my way out to l’autre toit and finished off total eclipse!!! Topping this climb out was monumental for me! I had first seen this climb many years ago while watching dosage2. Out of all the climbs I saw in the segment, I was most psyched to come to Font to try and do this one. The boulder itself is very powerful with a hard move at the end when you are pumped! I would say that this climb is the definition of 8A+. There are few climbs I do that stand right in the center of a grade level and I think that this is one of them! A true classic and a wonderful experience to climb it!

The weather looks bad for the next few days so I am off to Prague for a short visit! This has been a city I have always wanted to visit!

After Prague, I have about 2 weeks left in Font before I return to Switzerland for the month of March! I am really looking forward to the return and another attempt on the story of two worlds. I hope the weather cooperates both here and in switzerland as I still have so much to do before going back to the states in the end of March!

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