Back to france

My day in sheffield ended up being an amazing one. I met up with old friends, met tons of new friends, and climbed on some classic boulders. It had rained the night before, but the massive amounts of wind made for some prime conditions for the english grit stone. The rock is so gritty, sometimes it feels like it would be impossible for your hand to slip off. It is incredible! Also, you can stand on the smallest of foot holds imaginable.

I managed to do the historical classic, deliverance with the help of some great locals. It all came down to the foot position on the terrible smear!

I also climbed brad pitt and the ace which had been on my list of climbs I wanted to do for quite some time now. Both were incredible and extremely satisfying to top out.

Every climb I did and the few brief hours I had on the grit were incredible and filled with really great people. Thanks to everyone that showed me around and showed me great hospitality! I hope to get back again one day!

Now I am back in france and hope to get on the island tomorrow! The weather looks iffy but I am psyched!! More to come soon!!

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