The recent

The past week in font has been pretty hit or miss with the weather but fortunately I have been able to get a few good climbing days. I have been shooting tons of video so a couple new movies should be coming out soon of some climbing here in font.

I began working the island the other day! It is rad! Really crazy compression squeeze climb that revolves around some very cruxy heel hooks. Much like confessions, I am having a hard time keeping my heels on while doing the big throws out the roof. I hope to be able to get this one done soon as there are just so many more climbs that I can’t wait to try!

The weather looks great today and I plan on giving a few more attempts at the island despite feeling really sore and a bit of an epic fall I took yesterday. I am also psyched to go have a look at the “force de destin” which I have only heard great things about and looks like a real classic.

Photos and videos to come! Breakfast and then out to the boulders. I love it here!

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