Ninja skills

As I mentioned the other day, I ventured out into the arctic yesterday for an attempt at the amazing Ninja Skills in Sobrio. The drive up made it ever increasingly clear that it was going to be a battle just to make it to the boulder. My friends Dave and Mickey joined me on the adventure. There was a good 12 cm of snow on the ground and we soon found ourselves deep in the snow trekking down the side of a mountain. What should have been an easy 15 minute turned out to take more than 40. We eventually made it to the boulder and the psyche was high.

I quickly cleaned the snow off the top and made a bit of an exit so that it would be possible to top it out. The sun was right on the top and it was making the entire top out a slushy mess with water dripping errrywherr. None-the-less we warmed up and began to work the top bit and the top out. With water dripping on my face it made it quite heinous to do the 6C+ exit to the boulder but still was possible.

After figuring out the top bit and knowing the middle from previous days on the climb, I knew I just had to get through the bottom crux and I would have a good shot at it.

The first time I made it through the crux I had an epic fall on the last move of the climb which was heart breaking and I was unsure if I could send that day. But fortunately after a 20 minute break, with the amazing conditions and a high level of psyche, I made the 2nd ascent of Ninja Skills!

Ninja Skills is by far one of the best climbs in Ticino and I am really psyched to have climbed it. Props to Nalle for an amazing FA.

Today is looking to be another amazing day here in Ticino and I think I am heading to Cresciano for a story of 2 worlds and confessions session. Very psyched! I hope the weather continues to be this good for the remainder of my trip. I still have a few climbs left on the list that I have to send!

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