The dagger and IMS

The day before IMS I was fortunate enough to send the dagger. I woke up early and found great conditions out at the dreamtime boulder. I warmed up a bit on the bottom of a nice 7A and then managed to climb the boulder on my 2nd effort of the day. The climb, once I figured out the beta that worked best for me, felt like 8A to 8A. For a while I thought it would be a miracle just to send the dagger, but now I think that the full link is very possible. The bottom moves feel tenuous but with enough practice hopefully not that crazy to link. We shall see.

I competed this past weekend in the IMS comp. I had not climbed indoors for 4 months so it was a bit crazy to do such a large scale competition with no training. The comp went pretty well in the end. The climbs were set very well and I was happy with my climbing though I did fall a few more times than I would have liked to (the difference between 1st and 4th came down to 2 falls as everyone tied on every climb in the comp).

I am now back in Ticino. It has been raining a bit but the weather looks to be shaping up in the next day or so! I am psyched to start working out the moves on some new projects asap!

More updates soon!!

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