The plan was to be out of France yesterday but we have had some unfortunate dealing with the french government. I bought a new lens for my camera and had it shipped to my mom in the states who then repackaged it and mailed it to me. Now, it is in custody of the french government who will not give it to me until they have ok’ed my documents and I pay the fee necessary for them to hand it over. It is super annoying since I was very psyched on getting to the mountains to climb.

All is well though, the past two days I have spent climbing in font which has been amazing. I have been practicing my technical climbing and learning how to climb on this style of rock. It is very difficult but amazing at the same time. I will be in font for 3 months this winter and can’t wait for the return! It is too hot now to do anything hard yet. I managed to climb “la balance” which is one of the coolest climbs I have ever done. I have also done a little exploring and seen some amazing problems that I can’t wait to get back for! Font is one of the coolest places ever and I am so psyched to have 3 months here soon! But first I must make it to suisse. All in good time.

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