a few things to clear up

it seems like my attempts to post through my cell phone have been spreading to the world quite well which is nice.  I am though concerned about many of the ways people are viewing my writing and i guess i should be more careful with the way i state some of my sentences.  So here are the two main things that have caught my attention…

1. i never renamed it bleagle.  i merely called it bleagle because it was what i was calling it out of fun around the boulders BLackEAGLE its just a short way of saying it.  as you can see I loaded it as black eagle and never once stated that i was going to rename it.

2. nalle’s climb.  it is cool to look at yes. I just PERSONALLY am not that psyched on it.  It is very cool that nalle did the climb and if it were something i found and could have called my own i think i would have been more psyched to haul the pads up the hill to try it.  The hike is approximately one hour and pretty steep to get to the boulder.  yes, it is not as far as jade but when there are HUNDREDS of climbs so much closer to the road and projects of my own even closer to the road than even a half of a kilometer it is hard to justify the hike for a 2nd ascent that i PERSONALLY am not that psyched to get on.  In addition, it costs 30 Rand a person to go up there to climb.  There is NOTHING around livin Large so if i wanted to try it i would probably have to pay each person’s 30 rand to go there to spot me (30 rand is about 4.5 us dollars) and with 5 pads that’s about 4 people if i carry 2 myself.  Let’s imagine if it took me 8 days to complete (4 less than nalle)  that would mean i would have to spend 30(4)(8)=960 rand to send livin large… that is approximately 130 US dollars if not more to send a mere boulder problem.  I just DONT have those funds when i could climb even more amazing projects for free.

Please, if you are going to just spread stuff all over the internet send a question to me and ask me about it first and maybe i just wrote it quickly on the small screen of my phone quickly so that i could post it out on the internet before losing the bad cell service i have here.  thank you.

The weather has been realllly hot lately and there is no end to the 26+C weather in sight :(.  I managed to climb the Vice, 8B last night in a nice quick session.  The climb is amazing and i am PSYCHED to have done that one! truly beautiful and inspiring line.  As i continue my search for amazing boulders i hope to stumble across more like this one and of this quality.

The newest line i found is amazing and just like slashface in hueco tanks!!!  I did the high start the other day with friend sebastian lazurre.  we think it is around 8A and i am calling it ‘la grotte magnifique” in my attempt to learn french from my Canadian friends!  The sit is going to be super hard and involves a very hard gaston move like that on slashface but even harder!  I think it will be about 8C from the bottom.

My tips are wrecked ad i am taking some rest to heal them up and hopefully will be getting colder weather soon!  I am psyched for Monkey wedding and fell off the final hard move the other night from the bottom!  the links are getting better it is just going to take that one good go to get it done.

Stay tuned for more! 

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