Today is a rest day. We are keeping it mellow and treating it like a true rest day. It is getting really warm here but it looks like it should be cooling down by the end of the week, which would be especially nice. Anyway, monkey wedding is going great! I have made some really nice links and once my skin is good again and the weather cools a bit I hope to go for the send. I also tried black eagle which is now a project after a broken hold. The climb is solid now and is amazing! I got really close to piecing that one together the other night and should come out to be right around 8b+ from the stand and an amazing 8c sit as potential for after I can do the stand! I flashed an amazing 8a+ yesterday called the amphitheater at an area called the other side. I found a really nice cave project at the other side too that I chalked up and hoped to get back to soon! Psyched to still have more than 40 days left here in this amazing place!

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