The last few days have been amazing! We climbed our first day at the roadside where I did some fun moderates. The next day I felt strong so we headed to 8 day rain. I managed to send derailed, v14 in about 20 minutes which got me really psyched on how much stronger I feel this trip over last. Yesterday we went to another sector of 8 day rain and I managed the second ascent of jungle bar, v11/12 which was awesome to do! Today it rained and we explored a ton! We found livin large, nalle’s climb from last year, and I was not too impressed. The hike was insanely long and I don’t think I will try it at all during the trip. It looked ok but not worth the hike. I am very psyched on monkey wedding and want to put my energy into that one! We did not find too much along the lines of fa’s but we are psyched for hopefully climbing tomorrow if the weather cooperates. I am looking forward my first day on monkey wedding now that I am feeling adjusted to the climbing area. Until next time!

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